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Packed to the Rafters


Linda Goer

Why I should win:

The telephone rang, twas the oldest son
Asking if we had been having some fun
He and his girlfriend, needed somewhere to stay It would only be for a week and a day Time has since passed, many months and weeks The lounge where they sleep, has begun to reek Due to a severe lack of money and use of the dunny This son and his girlfirend in tow must surely see that it is time to go Once in a while, in the "To Lets" do they peek A new home, do they sometimes seek They really would like a home near a mall Where the shopping would really be a ball With seven all living under one roof, Things get quite stretched and we can't have a woof There would be nowhere for him to sleep As our living room looks like a rubbish heap I would dearly love to sit in the lounge and gaze at the moon But all i can do is go to my room and fume The girlfriend sometimes does a whinge While the son sprints to the fridge for a binge All to the disgust of Mikey who does a wee cringe As you can see, we're really Packed to the Rafters and desperately need some space for the masters Please help me get rid of the Overstayers then we wont have to share our Freyas This will make us happy, contented and relaxed If you can get them off our backs.