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Packed to the Rafters


Kelvin Hunter

Why I should win:

My wife and I have poured every effort into our 'loved one' and after nearly 10 years, we feel it is time for the 'bird to fly the nest'. The washing machine is dying under the strain. The fridge works overtime with it's extra load and his room is still decorated for a 12 /13 year old and screams at the rest of the house.

Oh to sleep through the night without being woken at 3am with someone 'sneaking' in so as not to wake us.

The luxury of being able to park our cars in our garage would be emense. Currently, my car lives outside in the cold and his older show car lives inside incase it might come to an unplanned end. 

It seems the dog he had to have a couple of years ago as his dog might cramp his style if he goes flatting so it is becoming 'our dog'.

We love him dearly and will miss him heaps until we know he is happy with his new life managing things for himself, then, roll on long quiet weekends and trips away alone and wedding anniversaries with just the two of us.

That's why we think it would be really nice for us to win.

Kind regards

Kelvin and Glenys Hunter