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Packed to the Rafters


Jan Botherway

Why I should win:

One by one our kids flew the nest,
Our middle child thought the world he'd test.
Next, our eldest was UK bound,
Our youngest decided she liked the sound.
Our house empty and really quiet, my other half had a real beam!
No stereos, mess, hysterics or fights,
We were able to do whatever we liked.
Yeah right! It wasn't long till our house did fill, It resembled a hostel with no time to chill.
We had overseas kids come to stay,
Which left me not much time in the day.
One by one, our kids are returning home, After seeing the world including Rome.
Four years on, our eldest will be home in a matter of days, We have to convince him a flat is the only way.
He'll be 29 - not a good look living with Mum and Dad, Some people may even say he's a bit of a cad!
Not only that, he now has a partner,
And we haven't got room, we are packed to the rafters!