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Packed to the Rafters


Donna Rozeboom

Why I should win:

2009 what a year, 20 years at my job, married 25 years and both of us turning 50! but biggest of all both our sons had moved out.  Paul had left on his OE planning not to return and Tony had moved closer to work.  At first it was strange but it didn't take long to get used to the peace and quiet and the house always tidy.  We have a small home but had built a large garage where the boys had their mates over, every other weekend.  I had converted Paul's room into my office as I am treasurer of the Fishing section at our Cossie Club.

Then it happened..Paul emailed..Mum I have run out of money and cannot get work.  He had previously booked a hire car with 2 others to travel through Europe and was unable to get a refund so I sent him money and then paid for his trip home.

Then Tony turned up, I'm moving home as I need to save some money and the apartment is way too expensive.  Next thing we know he has a girlfriend who stays 3 nights a week.

Now I have no savings, no office and three males to contend with.