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Packed to the Rafters


Debs Tikao

Why I should win:

My partner and I are being driven insane My daughter moved home, Kirsty's her name She's 22, very set in her ways Only for 6 months she said, 180 days

She's now very settled, we fear she's not going to move out Our two bedroom apartment's, too small for us, I shout It's not just Kirsty, but all of her mates They call by late at night and the just grates

When third daughter out of the 3 went flatting last year Four weeks we enjoyed peace, quiet and cheer Oh how we loved our tidy we place Doing our own thing with no drum and bass

Kirsty's in debt, student loans, credit card We took pity, so opened our arms, it was hard We couldn't shut the door She seemed so sad, hard done by and poor

But...her six months is now well and truly past We are now all struggling to cope, it can't last For much longer, I fear a breakdown in our relationship Mark is going nuts and now has the pip

I ask of you please, take pity on us
Consider our plea to move Kirsty, with no fuss She is a lovely girl, her friends are all great But...from another residence they could meet up and have dates

Now we are begging you...PLEASE
We are down on our knees
We want our own space, we're to old for this lark We don't want to see her...out on her own in the dark