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Packed to the Rafters


Debra McChesney

Why I should win:

Nathan the Overstayer

Three of our four offspring have all left the nest, Nathan has stayed home he hasn't followed the rest.
His sisters and brother are all doing well, he really does miss them for sure we can tell.
His twenty one years have been a delight, but it's time he was leaving it would be alright.
Nathan is a drummer his music is loud,
the china cups rattle the neighbours are "wowed".
With no social life just work and his drums, he's always around his father and mum.
Nathan's a good lad he works very hard,
he even helps out with some work in the yard.
The fridge and the pantry are empty and bare, he never goes hungry and has clean clothes to wear.
When dad wants a cuddle with mum late at night, Nathan arrives home early interrupting their plight.
When things become strained between father and son, "Piggy in the middle" is once again poor mum.
She always will listen and tries to make peace, and hopes that some day all the fighting will cease.
His bedroom is filled with car parts and springs, it's time to clean out all of those things.
Now Nathan's not lazy but mum makes his bed, we are still looking for a nice girl he can wed.
We know we will miss him when he does go away, we won't get too excited as he'll come back one day.