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Packed to the Rafters


Angela Wilkie-Tebby

Why I should win:

Make no mistake I love and adore my overstayer, who happens to be my 20 yr old son Luke.  Mother nature has an incredible way of making mothers "ok" about babies leaving the nest when they are about this age.  Six years of teenage boy antics take their toll.  I want to look forward to seeing him, not dreading which car parts I am about to break my toe on this time, or which 2 week old dinner under his bed I will try to identify under all the mould before binning it. He is two thirds of the way through a certificate in broadcasting and doing really well.  But 20 years of mum and dad doing everything for him has made him reliant on us, (our fault). Because we love him so much we want to give him the gift of freedom to make choices for himself.  Do his own washing and pay his own bills. He shouldn't still be coming to us at this age to organize his life. At this stage he cannot afford to set up a flat himself (which he wants) and we can't afford to do it for him. Stalemate.  We  love the gorgeous, talented man that he has grown into and would love to see him standing on his own feet as he can then embark on his own life journey and we would all look forward to seeing each other so much more when we do get together.