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Outback Jack

Episode 2: Gone fishing

Girls overboard
As the episode begins, there's pandemonium as the ladies attempt to reach the next campsite by boat. The girls can coordinate an outfit, but not their canoes. While journeying down the river, several of the boats capsize. Jack is forced to dive into the rapids and rescue a few of them. Once again, Marissa plays damsel in distress, as she floats down the river helplessly&

Gone fishing
To win a dinner date with Jack, the girls have to go fishing for Barramundi--with their bare hands. Whoever catches the most fish gets to have dinner with Jack. The women splash around frantically, clutching at the slippery fish. Marissa throws a few elbows, but Adrienne takes home the prize with three fish in her basket.  Adrienne's one-on-one time with Jack is the high point of the evening -- literally, as they sit up in a tree and talk. The two seem to click, and share the first kiss of the series.

The elimination
The ladies all get with some alone time with Jack to plead their cases. But Marissa isn't content with her limited amount of time and, after the girls are asleep, sneaks over to Jack's tent and asks him to take a walk with her. The romantic night time stroll soon turns passionate as Jack and Marissa share an intimate moment, away from the prying eyes of the other contestants.

The following morning, the girls gather for another elimination, and Jack sheds a tear as he decides to send Harmonie and Shannon home. The remaining six girls begin the trek to their new campsite...