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Top Kiwi rider Nicholson 'sick of' Jock Paget doping scandal

Published: 7:53AM Thursday April 24, 2014 Source: ONE News

Top Kiwi rider Andrew Nicholson has launched a verbal rocket over the Jock Paget doping scandal.

Nicholson told ONE News sports reporter George Berry that he is sick of hearing about Jock and the doping issue and today's disqualification announcement has not helped him in any way.

"To me it's a load of bulls**t. He would have lost his titles anyway. Nothing against Jock but to me (the media) are on the wrong wavelength. It's not a case of him of him handing it over now, seven or eight months later, it's more a case of what good it is going to do the sport," he said.

The outburst follows an Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) announcement today that confirmed Paget had requested the FEI Tribunal disqualify him and Clifton Promise from the 2013 event.

The FEI accepted the request, taking the title from Paget and gifting it to Nicholson.

Nicholson told Berry that he is tired of hearing about Jock and the doping issue and he only concerned with his riding.

"You are in New Zealand so you will be hearing all this "bulls**t about what a good man Jock was for surrending it, well that's a load bullshit, he surrended nothing, he didn't have it to f****n start with, he lost it the moment the horse was tested," he said.

He then voices his frustration at ESNZ and their handling of the scandal saying that Berry can tell CEO Jim Ellis what I told them a while ago that he has had enough of Jock and the doping thing and that "they have really pissed me off with this latest stuff."

Paget's title has been under a cloud of controversy since it was revealed that his mount Clifton Promise tested positive for a banned substance after the event.

The rider does not contest the presence of the banned substance reserpine but claims no fault and no negligence in the case and has submitted a comprehensive dossier of evidence explaining and supporting this claim which he will present at the full in-person hearing of the tribunal on Tuesday, June 3, in London.

But rather than wait for the outcome of the hearing Paget, with the support of ESNZ, made the specific request to be disqualified acknowledging that the ongoing uncertainty with regard to the Burghley title is having a detrimental effect on the sport of eventing and especially the build-up to the first two major events of the Northern Hemisphere season.

The move clears Nicholson's pathway to eventing's biggest prize, the Rolex Grand Slam.

Today's ruling has been welcomed by ESNZ and Paget, who will continue to focus on his case to the tribunal in London in June.