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Sullivan shock in New Zealand rowing team

Published: 1:51PM Thursday March 07, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

Olympic gold medallist Joseph Sullivan has missed selection in New Zealand's rowing team to compete at the World Cup event in Sydney later this month.

Sullivan, who won gold with Nathan Cohen in the men's double sculls, was touted as a possible contender to replace Mahe Drysdale in the single sculls but was deemed not fast enough for the March 22-24 event.

Cohen is now part of the men's quad while Robbie Manson and Michael Arms have been named as the new double sculls team.

Despite trailing during the week, Sullivan was unable to make the cut, leaving the 25-year-old stunned and disappointed.

"Definitely a bit gutted and just kind of...yeah, I don't know what to say it's just one of those things," Sullivan told ONE Sport today.

"It's a hard place to be I guess being from the top of the world to back down and racing for a seat again."

Sullivan admitted his recent trial form had not been his best and realised there were other deserving of a place in the squad.

"I definitely knew I wasn't on pace or on-form as I have been in the past few years but I kind of thought there was going to be a bit of leeway.

"Trials is always really cu-throat and you have got to be performing on the day to be in the team.

"The guys that were racing were impressive and they were on-form and they just outshone me."

With all our Olympians being given time off over the summer, Sullivan said he had enjoyed competing in the Coast to Coast and otherwise took a good break from his primary sport.

"I definitely took my time and enjoyed it and enjoyed life and having a social life for once but I definitely left it too late to get into full-time rowing training," he said.

"I probably didn't get the recovery that I needed from the Coast to Coast and I kind of haven't come back on-form since."

The all-conquering men's pair of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray have been named in the team however will not turn out in Sydney because they have only been training for the past seven weeks.

Bronze medallist Rebecca Scown has a new partner in Kayla Pratt after her London partner Juliette Haigh retired following the Olympics.

And it's business as usual for Emma Twigg who will once again represent New Zealand in the women's single sculls.

New Zealand Rowing Team

Women's Lightweight Single Scull
Louise Ayling (Southern RPC, Waihopai RC)
Coach:  Dick Tonks

Women's Lightweight Double Scull
Julia Edward (Waikato RPC, Roturua RC)
Lucy Strack (Southern RPC, North End RC)
Coach:  Dick Tonks

Women's Single Scull
Emma Twigg (Auckland RPC, Hawkes Bay RC)
Coach:  Gary Hay

Women's Double Scull
Fiona Bourke (Southern RPC, Otago Uni RC)
Zoe Stevenson (Waikato RPC, Tauranga RC)
Coach:  Dick Tonks

Women's Coxless Pair
Rebecca Scown (Central RPC, Union Wanganui RC)
Kayla Pratt (Auckland RPC, Auckland RC)
Coach:  Gary Hay

Women's Quad
Erin-Monique Shelton (Central RPC, Petone RC)
Genevieve Armstrong (Waikato RPC, Tauranga RC)
Georgia Perry (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)
Sarah Gray (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)
Coach:  Dick Tonks

Women's Eight
Kelsey Bevan (Auckland RPC, Counties Manukau RC)
Genevieve Behrent (Southern RPC, Waihopai RC)
Eve Macfarlane (Southern RPC, Canterbury RC)
Jessica Loe (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)
Kerri Gowler (Central RPC, Aramoho Wanganui RC)
Grace Prendergast (Southern RPC, Avon RC)
Robyn Munro (Central RPC, Nelson RC)
Linda Matthews (Central RPC, Star BC)
Cox  Laura Campbell
Coach:  Dick Tonks

Men's Lightweight Single Scull
Duncan Grant (Central RPC, Wairau RC)
Coach: Calvin Ferguson

Men's Double Scull
Robbie Manson (Central RPC, Wairau RC)
Michael Arms (Auckland RPC, Auckland Grammar RC)
Coach:  Calvin Ferguson

Men's Coxless Pair
Hamish Bond (Southern RPC, North End RC)
Eric Murray (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)
Coach:  Noel Donaldson

Men's Coxless Four
Bobby Kells (Auckland RPC, North Shore RC)
Adam Tripp (Auckland RPC, Hawkes Bay RC)
Tobias Wehr-Candler (Waikato RPC, Wellington RC)
Jade Uru (Southern RPC, Waihopai RC)
Coach:  Noel Donaldson

Men's Quad
Hayden Cohen (Southern RPC, Invercargill RC)
Nathan Flannery (Southern RPC, Union RC)
Fergus Fauvel (Southern RPC, Otago Uni RC)
Nathan Cohen (Southern RPC, Invercargill RC)
Coach:  Calvin Ferguson

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four
Curtis Rapley (Waikato RPC, Tauranga RC)
Peter Taylor (Auckland RPC, Auckland RC)
James Hunter (Central RPC, Wellington RC)
James Lassche (Southern RPC, Avon RC)
Coach:  Dave Thompson