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Farah defends misguided presenter

Published: 11:59AM Thursday February 28, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

Double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah has come to the defence of the US television presenter who failed to recognise him in a live interview.

Latonya Norton of New Orleans' TV station WDSU interviewed Farah after he had won a half marathon in the city in a record time of one hour 59 seconds.

The 2012 Olympic champion over 5,000 and 10,000 metres was initially confused when Norton asked: "Haven't you run before?"

The Englishman asked her to repeat the question before politely replying.

"It's not my first time. I have done a half marathon before but it's my first time in New Orleans."

Norton appeared to have mistaken Farah for a particularly quick amateur runner and did not mention his triumphs in London throughout the entire interview.

The presenter quickly became the butt of plenty of jokes on social media, but Farah defended her on his own Twitter account.

"Just wanna say to everyone being nasty to LaTonya Norton please stop!! She made a mistake like we all do!! She didn't mean anything by it!" Farah tweeted.