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Botha 'still in a haze' - Nasser

Published: 8:26AM Wednesday February 13, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

Sonny Bill Williams' manager Khoder Nasser has rubbished claims from Francois Botha that he was offered a bribe to throw their fight last week.

Botha told ONE News today that he had received a call from Nasser's camp following his drugs test last Tuesday, where he was told he would be picked up and driven to a meeting. Botha says he was told to come alone.

Botha claims he was driven to a park, where upon his arrival he had his mobile phone removed and was taken on a walk.

"During this walk, was made an offer of $150,000 to throw the fight," Botha said.

Botha said he thought the bribe offer was made after Williams' camp became concerned when he arrived in Australia in better physical condition than they had anticipated, and grew concerned he might pose a greater to threat to Williams than first thought.

"They thought I'm way past my prime and I'm going downhill and then they saw me and thought I was in better shape and they thought well ok, you know this is maybe a risk we're taking," he said.

However Nasser flatly denied the suggestion when he responded to ONE News, suggesting that Botha may still be suffering the effects of the unanimous points loss on Friday.

"I think he's still in a haze from the fight, he was beaten up pretty bad, he lost a unanimous decision and I think he's pretty bitter that a rookie of five fights has done him," Nasser said from Sydney.

"It's absolutely ridiculous and if there was substantial truth to that and he had any manhood about himself, wouldn't he have come out before the fight.

"It's all well and good after you've lost the fight, after you've accused that you didn't know it was a 10-rounder and then admitted that you did know it was a 10-rounder, then you say my brother took the blood test for you, or my brother was the doctor, then you admit that it wasn't my brother, but someone I knew."

Botha also claimed his second drug test, taken in South Africa, has come back clean after he disputed the validity of the results from his initial test, that revealed he had tested positive for two banned substances.

Nasser believed that all Botha's claims were part of an attempt to ensure Williams would meet him in a rematch.

"He's just chopping and changing all the way through and it's quite strange that the media are giving him some vaildity for a guy that's got sour grapes and is a sore loser.

"Even in most of the interviews he's given, he's basically in fear, that Sonny's not going to give him a rematch, all he's trying to do from day one is try to get a rematch and because there's no rematch at the moment he's just going to get worse and worse."