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Orange Roughies


William Wallace (Tom Bowden)

William Wallace has been busy the last few years. He's spent time living and working in Wellington, Christchurch, and the States, as well as here in Auckland. A long list of credits follow him, the latest being a sailor in King Kong. Prior film credits include Skin and Bone, Hearts of Men, The Diaspora, and The Vector File. Wallace has also featured in a host of television productions including Hard Out, Xena: Warrior Princess, Street Legal and Shortland Street.

For the role of Tom, Wallace bulked up by 5kgs to fit Tom's buff proportions. He also studied the way cops move, and chatted to a relative who works on the force.

"I spent time figuring out what Tom's motivations were, and slipped into his skin. I like to develop a character over a period, and release that part of my nature. It's controlled, but I had to get in touch with that angry side of my personality. I went to the gym a lot and drank protein shakes, was eating five to six meals a day."
"Usually I am cast as the hero or the nice guy, so it was nice to have the challenge of playing someone with an anger problem like Tom. Because I'm quite a placid person, I find it very easy to play negative characters, because I'm not afraid of going to those places. I know I'm not going to get stuck in that angry place, where another actor might be afraid of unleashing that. I enjoy playing a darker role because in real life I'm not like that."

"During Orange Roughies I got to drive fast cars and boats, get into fights, bust down doors and learn to scuba dive. All great reasons to be an actor! I love ScreenWorks because they make fun shows for men, with guns and car chases, but there are deeper elements to it too, so I think women will love Orange Roughies just as much."

Tom Bowden
Detective Constable. Like Zack, Danny and Jane, commercial dive certificated. Served two years with the Police Task Force in the Solomon Islands, an experience he's still trying to get over. Like Danny and his mate Zack, Tom's a tough and zealous cop, but unlike them, he's struggling to keep a lid on things.