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Nick Kemplen (Noel Bullerton)

Nick Kemplen had recently wrapped shooting for the TV series Doves of War, when he was cast as Noel in Orange Roughies. We probably know him best as Young Hercules, or the good Southern man from the Speights commercials.

"Noel was a lot of fun to play. He's so easy going and has a sweet innocence, believing that all people are essentially good. I describe him as Kramer-esk. A big change from the ex-soldier I played in Doves of War, though still in uniform!"

"I enjoy comedic roles, so this is a step in that direction for me. It's nice not to have to take home my character's emotional baggage. Noel is a bit of a nerd, he's a change from some of the cooler characters I've played, but I think there's a bit of Noel in everyone."

"Shooting Orange Roughies has been a lot of fun and I've got to do some stunt fighting and diving. Noel is a comfortable character for me to slip into, and I've enjoyed watching the character and the role grow over the series."

Between shooting the first and second sets of episodes, Kemplen spent some time putting together a comedy pilot for TV2's comedy initiative, and is in negotiations with TVNZ to get a comedy series together.

Noel Bullerton
Currently with MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), Noel's a uniform chaser from way back -  Cubs, Scouts, Sea Scouts, fire brigade, St John Ambulance, Ministry of Transport. Noel is the perennial joiner, but hasn't risen high - yet. His heart is in the right place and due to his experience with Ag and Fish and more recently, Forestry, he's not without skills. Noel's imposed on Danny by Ron Maddock, as a sop to Jane, who wants less Police domination. Noel's keen as mustard, and while he may never be the Alpha male he aspires to be, his bottomless enthusiasm has its pluses, particularly when there are shit jobs to be done...