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Mark Ruka (Zack Wiki)

Mark Ruka has graced our screens frequently in the last year, with major supporting roles in Kiwi films Number 2, River Queen, and The World's Fastest Indian, and TV series The Market and Taonga. Before that he was an Orc in The Lord of The Rings and a street kid in Fracture and took a lead role in the Mataku series. He has also appeared recently on stage at the Silo theatre in This Is How It Goes, and starred in Taika Waititi's award winning short film Tama Tu.

 "It's been a busy year or two for me, but I was happy take the role of Zack because I really like the Orange Roughies story. This is my largest TV project to date, and probably the largest role I've had so far. I've enjoyed the challenge, and working with such a talented group of actors and crew."

"I think ScreenWorks are kinda like the Orange Roughies of the industry - a rogue task force of people that have come together to make/tell their own stories in their own way, in their own time."

Zack Wiki
Detective Constable. Strong sense of right and wrong, which he's needed during protracted undercover work, which has put his marriage on a knife-edge. His wife, Donna, is desperate to feel settled enough to have kids, and Zack has sold the Roughies  to Donna as a means to a more stable and secure life. Zack's bonds with Danny are deep -  they have watched each other's backs so often it's second nature and their almost telepathic communication is an inherent strength, but also a challenge to anyone who works with them.