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Jasmine, Luke and Murray share a laugh - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street's 20th Birthday magazine

Sally Martin plays Nicole Miller - Shortland Street on TV2

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The sun is going down earlier and slippers are making a welcome appearance in homes around New Zealand  - which means the time has come for Shortland Street's winter season.
Shortland Street's one hour Monday episodes kick off in a dramatic fashion, when tonight's episode sees Hayley's (Michelle Blundell) true colours finally revealed.

Meanwhile, with his relationship with his son at an all time low, Chris (Michael Galvin) is at a loss on what to do to fix the problem. Spying an opportunity to further manipulate the situation, Hayley devises a plan to heighten the rift in the family.

Having achieved what she set out too, Chris is horrified when Hayley lays her cards on the table and reveals her true intentions.


Brooke (Beth Allen) is left high and dry this week on Shortland Street when her new project fails to gain the support of the hospital staff.
Winning Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) over with her automated admission programme, Brooke is pleased to be back on track in the boss' good books. However, once the software arrives, Brooke's high is diminished. Caught by a snag in her plan, Brooke is further taken aback when Rachel insists she man the trial herself.
Vowing to make the trial a success, Brooke sets to recruit volunteers to help for the first night of the trial. But well aware that the trial's success could be the end of many jobs at the hospital, the staff are quick to distance themselves from any offer to help.
Realising people have negative feelings toward her initiative, Brooke is faced with the hard fact that she is once again the outsider.


Ula (Frankie Adams) is forced to share the truth this week on Shortland Street.
Caught up by the secret of her mother's affair, Ula begins to feel the pressure of her secrets. Venting to Evan (Tyler Read), Ula is warmed when he encourages her to calm down, concerned for the baby's health. When she meets with Sarah (Amanda Billing) for a routine check up, Sarah can't help but notice Ula's emotional state and queries her on what the reason may be.
Feeling like Ula is being cagey with her mother in the room, Sarah asks Vasa (Teuila Blakely) to leave, making Ula feel cornered.
Unable to betray her mother, Ula reveals a completely different secret.