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Bond Villain Quiz

Always wondered which Bond Villain you would be? Take our fun quiz to find out.

1. What is your favourite but ultimately fruitless method of destroying your enemies?
a) feed them to a pool full of sharks or piranhas
b) slice 'em up with a laser beam
c) send in a hefty henchman to do your bidding
d) conveniently off them with the same nuclear device that will also take out a satellite/city/the whole world.

2. Where is your hideout?
a) precariously placed on top of a mountain or volcano
b) a tropical Caribbean island
c) underwater or outer space
d) a remote and desolate European country

3. You are never without your -
a) cat
b) gold
c) wacky henchman
d) femme fatale sidekick/girlfriend

4. You work for:
b) money
c) KGB
d) no one but yourself

5. Your ultimate goal is -
a) world domination
b) world domination
c) world domination
d) revenge and world domination

If you answered mostly A's, click here for your Bond villain result.

If you mostly answered B's, to find out who you are click here.

If you answered C's, click here for your result.

If you answered mainly D's, click here.