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Once Upon A Time - TV2

What's new for Once Upon A Time?

Mulan in Once Upon A Time on TV2

The Magic is coming and so is season 2 of Once Upon A Time. 

We take a look at what’s in store as the popular series returns.

Season two will see the arrival of even more iconic fairy tale characters including Sleeping Beauty, warrior princess Mulan and the villainous Captain Hook.   

Plus there’s the addition of another Lost alumni, Alcatraz’s Jorge Garcia will be joining the show in a giant new role!

But the biggest question for many fans will be what’s in store now that Regina’s curse has been broken and Storybrooke residents are fully aware of their previous lives in the fairy tale land.

Once Upon A Time producer Edward Kitsis says that the newly awakened townsfolk are going to have some pretty big questions, especially for the woman who brought them to Storybrooke.

 “I think their very first question is going to be, “Why are we still here?”” Kitsis explained to

“Everyone naturally would assume that when the curse is broken, they’d go back to where they were, and that’s not the case.” 

Now that the characters are aware of their fairy tale history, co-producer Adam Horowitz tells that they’re able to spin the show in a different direction from season one.

 “In many ways the premiere this year is a new pilot, which is to say we take this show that hopefully you enjoyed last season and spin it in a direction that is both familiar and new.”

Once Upon A Time returns Thursday 14 February at 8.30pm