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Sport in a Teacup: Olympics Week one

By Dave Agnew

Published: 2:14PM Monday August 06, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Monday 30th July

We like to think the All Blacks have a pretty nifty winning percentage. Michael Schumacher in his prime won everything put in front of him, as did Tiger Woods.

As the Olympics got into the swing of things this week, US Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski notched up yet another victory against medal chance France.

Since taking over the team in 2006, Krzyzewski has amassed a not too shabby 55-1 record that makes the rest of the world look like abject failures.

"The thing that we have going for us is continuity," Krzyzewski said after the match and I think I agree with him.

Tuesday 31st July

I've always wondered how much it would cost to have Beatles legend Paul McCartney play a few songs. In lieu of his Opening Ceremony performance fee, McCartney took the offer of some tickets to the Olympic Athletics program and came out on top by NZD$1.90. Take the tax off that and we could get him for every match of the ITM cup.

Wednesday 1st August

Life isn't fair and neither it seems is the scoring system used for one of the world's rarer sports, fencing. The polite exercise of poking someone with a fake sword turned ugly as South Korean Shin A Lam staged an hour long protest showing immense stamina after a scoring discrepancy in her epee semi final.

Lam has been awarded a special medal following her controversial elimination.

Thursday 2nd August

Philip Hindes has revealed himself as an upstanding young man as he finally owned up to intentionally crashing his bike to get a better start in the sprint qualifying.

"I just crashed, I did it on purpose to get a restart, just to have the fastest ride," he said.

Sport would take on another shape altogether if this was the way of the world. Missed goal kicks could be retaken, first ball ducks in cricket could be reversed, tears could win you a special award and badminton players could lose games on purpose and still win medals.

Friday 3rd August

Forget buying Scrabble or Bingo balls to enrich the lives of your retired loved ones, as Japanese Equestrian stalwart Hiroshi Hoketsu has shown it is never too late to get back in the saddle. At age 71, Hoketsu reminisced with strangers saying, "My first Olympics were 48 years ago, and I really don't remember how I felt at that time."

The dressage legend lamented the task of finding a worthy steed to continue in the sport saying, "It will be difficult to find a horse for Rio de Janeiro. My present horse is too old for that.

Saturday 4th August

Even with half of Kawerau helping them dig for it, the Australian Olympic team were still languishing behind New Zealand in the Gold count to this point in London.

Conveniently only having ten spaces on their graphics screen meant the superior NZ Gold medal count wasn't shown on Channel Nines Olympic coverage.

Four more years.

Closer to home and the Super XV which comprises five teams from Australia wound up on a wet night in Hamilton with the Chiefs giving the Sharks a 37-6 shellacking.

With the regions rugby coffers in the red, it was perhaps not surprising the pre match fireworks comprised only four fireworks.

Sunday 5th August

In an obvious dig at the St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee, Kim Collins, a four time Olympian, made his feelings clear about the lopsided ratio of athletes to officials tweeting to his fans, "Even men in prison get their wives to visit. Six athletes and nine officials."

Reading between the lines, Collins had his conjugal visit denied before he pulled out of the Games.

It's only two weeks Mon!