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Geraldine Proudman

Geraldine Proudman played by Linda Croper

Geraldine Proudman (played by Linda Croper) is the mother of Nina, Billie and Jimmy.

Shes a creative energy who refuses to bow down to societys ideals of women of a certain age. Therefore she still thrives within her career as an architectural model maker, and refuses to give up her sexuality in order to conform.

Geraldine is still very much young at heart and has a strong bond with all of her children. Her connection with Nina was shaken for a time when it was discovered that Ninas biological father was in fact Dr Phillip Noonan after a brief affair.

Having overcome these obstacles, Geraldine is now exploring a relationship with Phillip, who is a faithful, loving man- a stark contrast to ex-husband, Darcy.

How will she handle this new relationship in season four? Or will she start to crave her freedom?