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Episode 8: Wild Pig on a spit

Wild Pig on a spit

1. Hunt your pig - keep an eye out for one small enough to carry as they can grow to be big buggers

2. Light fire for spit - it needs to have a grate with plenty of space to let embers fall through as it is the embers that are used for cooking, not flaming bits of wood

3. Once caught, killed, gutted and singed (you might need a bit of expert help with this bit) - you will need to impale the pig with the spit pole...rear end through to neck, and wire it on.  Make sure you wire it on well as otherwise your lovely cooked porker can end up in the dirt

4. Rub the skin with a lot of salt - this draws moisture out and makes the skin crispy

5. Make a lot of cuts in the skin and wedge in bits of garlic where you can.  Stuff some branches of rosemary or  a handful of fresh herbs into the belly cavity

6. Crank up the spit and start shoveling a thin line of embers along one side of the pig... not right underneath it but about 5 cm from the edge of the carcas so the heat rises and slowly cooks the 

7. Keep the fire stoked and keep adding more embers as needed along one side of the pig

8. Depending how much meat you are cooking... it'll be about 5-8 hours cooking.  After four hours you can start adding embers on the otherside of the pig to speed up the cooking.  If in doubt, it's ready when the juices run clear

9. Carving is messy and very hot - have some thick plastic gloves handy plus a table covered in something you can throw away afterwards.

10.  Enjoy