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About the show

There is much romance surrounding the concept of escaping the rat race to live a self-sustainable lifestyle and surely Aotearoa is the best place on earth to make this back-to-basics dream come true... comedian Te Radar is finding out. 

This series explores the delights and difficulties of trying to sustain oneself off what one man can hunt, grow and fish.  Te Radar is discovering there is much to keep one occupied on long cold nights in the tent; do saucers of beer really keep snails off cabbages?   Does goat make tasty salami? And what happens when the time comes for Willie the pet pig to hit the dinner platter? 

Off The Radar also touches on topical green issues facing New Zealand like the viability of solar power and how simple steps like composting and starting a worm bin reduce landfill. 

In his quest to become more self sustainable, Te Radar is calling on the help of many fascinating folk - like Project Pete, the man with at least 100 projects half-finished in his shed and back paddock, Shawn, a local with a degree in fixing things with #8 wire, Pru and Trish the growing gurus and Wolfgang, the self-proclaimed king of scything and mud oven maker. 

Then there are the animal characters - Sainsbury and Campbell the calves, Willie and JT the pet porkers and a bevy of tasty birds... chickens that is.

From breaking in the veggie patch to selling off the home made pickle and home grown spuds... life Off The Radar is filled with ups and downs of living in small town New Zealand, relying on the neighbours for a hand and battling the elements.