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NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

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Katie Perkins

Record attempt: Most Tennis Balls Caught in 1 Minute

Record previously held by: Anthony Kelly from Australia caught 23 Tennis Balls in 1 minute that were fired at him at 100kms per hour.

Record smashed: Katie caught an incredible 33 tennis balls in 60 seconds. Outstanding work!


At 21 years of age, Auckland born Katie Perkins is one of the rising stars in New Zealand Cricket.

She plays 1st Cricket for the Auckland Hearts, being their star fielder. She has played for New Zealand 'A', and is currently in the New Zealand Emerging Players Squad.

Katie was three times ASB Cricketer of the Year, and voted Most Valuable Player. Her dream is to lead New Zealand into and win the World Cup.

But for now she will take on the Guinness World Record currently held by Australian Anthony Kelly, who caught 23 tennis balls in 1 minute fired at him at 100kms.