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NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

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Jono Macfarlane

Record attempt: Furthest Throw of a Washing Machine

Previous World Record: Held by Australian Bill Lyndon, at 336 cms.

Record smashed: Jono smashed the previous world record by throwing a washing machine an amazing 401.5 cms!


At only 22 years of age Jono Macfarlane has already amassed an impressive powerlifting and strongman resume.

The 145kg powerhouse has seven titles in shot put, hammer throwing and Olympic weightlifting. He was crowned New Zealand's strongest man in 2007 and runner up in 2008, and dreams of becoming the World's Strongest Man.

He says his greatest strength is "remaining calm under pressure." 

"If something can be done, I will be able to dig deep and finish the task."