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NZ Idol Judge Announced

This year's new female judge to join Frankie Stevens and Iain Stables on the NZ Idol judging panel is former True Bliss songstress, Megan Alatini.

Alatini is no stranger to the New Zealand public. She was part of the television phenomenon Popstars which led to the successful platinum-sale music group, True Bliss. She has also appeared on television in cult drama series The Tribe and is married to former All Black, Pita Alatini.

"I'm so excited about joining the NZ Idol team," says Alatini. "I can bring a new dimension to the judging panel as I have first-hand experience of being part of a television programme that is a great platform to achieving a music career."

Alatini says that whilst she understands how the wannabe Idol's will feel this is not going to make her a push-over judge.

"I'm not going to be nice and mollycoddle the wannabe Idols. I am going to be honest and firm because I am part of a team that is helping to choose this year's NZ Idol and we want the best person for the job," says Alatini.

"With a new judging panel, great new prizes and a recording contract there is even more reason to register your application.  We are looking for someone who's got a great voice, x-factor and drive because NZ Idol is going to provide a great launching pad into the music industry.  But you have to have the determination and passion to make it happen after the show is finished," says Alatini.

The first auditions for NZ Idol 2006 are in Christchurch on Saturday 27 May and Sunday 28 May 2006.