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Tandi on Catherine's fate...

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What’s been the one scene which was the most fun to film from what we’ve already seen?

Actually Catherine was pretty strung out in the first three episodes so it was quite a stressy time for me filming those eps.
But then, crawling into a tent to find a naked Tim Balme with a rose in his mouth isn't so bad... Can't complain about the day job!

What’s the one moment that you think defines your character most this year?

Taking up running and entering a half marathon, definitely. Catherine is not naturally sporty person but once she commits to something she'll see it out to the end. She's no quitter. That's how she operates her love life as well. Giving up means failure.

Who’s the most fun to act opposite in a scene and why?

I'm very lucky with my acting partners, they're all so different and all great.
But Elizabeth Hawthorne has a particularly wonderful energy. She is so open and generous in her work and very self-effacing. She has genius comic timing and takes big risks, which I love. And she throws her head back and laughs this great throaty big laugh which I swear you can hear throughout the building. I love women who do that. There's an openness, a generosity of spirit and a naughtiness in her that I so admire. I have so much to learn from her.

What’s been the trickiest part to film – and why?

The trickiest stuff was actually all the stuff we shot at the Muriwai beach house. I think because it was our very first week of filming and I had this big emotional story line. And I was in every scene and driving every scene, and we were shooting so fast, it was just relentless. Because I wasn't match fit I didn't know if I my work was ok or utterly terrible. And doing that 12-13 hours day after day is pretty knackering. I mean, I can take a large amount of physical punishment, but it's the emotional/psychological stuff that really trips you up in the end. Then you see it on screen and wonder why you were getting so bent out of shape about it. Acting is still such a strange and mysterious profession to me. I absolutely love it but sometimes it threatens to derail me entirely.

Having read the scripts/finished filming, what’s the scene are you most looking forward to/most nervous about seeing on TV?

There's a dancing scene. A really tender, sweet, wonderful dancing scene. I am not a naturally graceful person, so while I love this scene it also scared the hell out of me... but I do have a superb dancing partner, so even if I am rubbish, he'll be sublime!