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Nothing Trivial


The story so far...

Were almost halfway through season three of Nothing Trivial and with so much happening, its amazing Sex On A Stick have been able to fit in their weekly trips to The Beagle!

Here's a look back at some of the best moments from season three so far, and a couple of teasers of what's to come.

Brian and Emma

A pregnant Emma wants to go it alone, but Brian is determined to be involved, crashing antenatal classes.


And Brian's facing more baby-mama drama, with Courtney planning to take Sonny Bill to Australia! He resorts to desperate measures to make sure Sonny Bill stays in New Zealand.


Emma gives birth to baby girl who she names Constance; but Brian misses the birth after a big night out! She decides to take Constance on a trip to New Plymouth to introduce her to her family. But theres plenty of family drama when her father reveals his plans to marry Mrs Chin.


But now Emma's moved back in with Brian, will they live happily ever after?


Mac, Catherine & Jo

With Mac and Catherine finally a couple, surely nothing can stand in the way of their happiness, right? Not if Jo's got anything to do with it. After Adam leaves her for an ex-girlfriend, Jo makes it clear to Mac that she wants him back. When Noah gets his girlfriend pregnant, Jo has an opportunity to get close to Mac again.


Mac's newest client is the producer of a female viagra called 'Aphrodelle'; and they're so impressed with Mac's presentation that they ask him to become the face of the product, including an appearance on Good Morning to promote it!


Will something come between Mac and Catherine, or are they meant to be?



Michelle embarks on a secret relationship... with her married psychologist Dr Manning.


When Michelle confides in Catherine about the relationship and the dose of medication she's been put on, Catherine is concerned. She challenges Doctor Manning.


There's more trouble on the horizon for Michelle when she finds out one of her employees is sharing her client database with a former employee who is under-cutting Clean & Handy.


Things just get worse for Michelle in episode six, when Doctor Manning assaults her and then tells the police shes vandalised his car (which hes done to cover his tracks). What's more, he threatens to get Michelle sectioned if she tells anyone what's happened between them.


But Dr Manning's not the only man in Michelles life... Richard is back on the scene, so what will this mean for Michelle and will he be able to help her overcome the tough time she's having?


Coming up...

Here's a sneak peek at whats still to come this year:

  • Brian takes on a familiar face as an apprentice...
  • Will Emma cope with life as a new mum?
  • What's got Mac and Catherine having a 'James Bond' and 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' moment?
  • Can Michelle recover from her ordeal at the hands of Doctor Manning?


Find out by tuning in, Wednesdays at 8.30pm on TV ONE and by watching episodes on TVNZ Ondemand.