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Nothing Trivial


Shane (Mac), Tandi (Catherine) and Katherine (Jo) talk

Catherine, Mac and Jo

A love triangle of epic proportions is brewing in the brand new season of Nothing Trivial. After getting together last season, Mac and Catherine face a new challenge this year, in the shape of Mac's ex-wife Jo!

Ahead of the first episode - Wednesday 11 September at 8.30pm on TV ONE- find out what Shane Cortese (Mac), Tandi Wright (Catherine) and Katherine Kellard (Jo) think about the new season and whats in store for their characters this year.

Tandi Wright (Catherine)

Why do you think Catherine is initially reluctant to commit to moving in with Mac? She seems to always play her cards close to her chest would you agree?

After so many years of being let down by Jules and having to exist as a solo mum and career woman, shes evolved to be very self-sufficient. And once you have everything under control like that, I think its very hard to go back to a situation where you are not in control all the time, where you have to share space and share decision-making. I like that she is reserved. Everyone is so keen to wear their heart on their sleeve these days, and tell you every minute detail of their personal life via Twitter or Facebook or whatever. I think its nice to have a few secrets. A bit of mystery goes a long way.

Mac seems to be a change from the bohemian Jules, what is it about Mac that appeals to her?

In Mac I think she has found her soul mate. Hes emotionally evolved, hes smart and fun. Hes level-headed, a good dad (which is incredibly sexy). Basically, hes a grown-up. Theyre a really good match, theres a lot of equality in that relationship.

Do you think there is a universe where Catherine and Jo could be friends? Is Catherine threatened by Jo?

I cant see them ever being buddies. I think Catherine is essentially a very generous and loyal person, once you get past her defence mechanisms. She knows the difference between right and wrong in the world and Im not sure Jo does. There is always a certain fascination being around someone who used to be with your partner. Part of you is always wondering what they had that attracted your partner and do they still have it? And do you have it? And who has more of it?! The fact that Mac and Jo have kids together means they will be bound in some way for the rest of their lives, and it can be hard to accept that theres a part of your partners life which is not really your domain.


Shane Cortese (Mac)

What has changed for Mac since his marriage ended in season one?

Macs wife walked out on him after 22 years of love and security and broke his heart. All he wanted to do in season one was get back together with her again, until he realised that there might be someone else out there for him. He enjoyed this freedom although he wasnt very good at one night stands. Mac is a relationship kind of guy. He grew up with a dad who never settled down, who didnt treat women very well and certainly didnt treat Macs mother very well. It is little wonder Mac prefers monogamy and a stable relationship! So when that opportunity came up he grabbed it.

What is it about Catherine that makes Mac want to set up a future with her?

Catherine offers Mac intellectual friendship at an older age. Jo and Mac met without kids, they travelled and they were both in the advertising game. They probably partied hard and lived the youthful dream. Catherine now offers Mac intellectual security. Jo was right for Mac then and Catherine is right for him now.

Does Mac still care about Jo or does he tolerate her out of obligation?

There is shared DNA. There are the kids. Nothing is ever going to change that. Macs kids are incredibly important to him and the mother of those kids is still on the scene. He definitely feels obliged to make sure shes okay for the sake of Noah and Frank. Its an obligatory relationship with someone that he doesnt hold a candle for, but is still genuinely connected to.


Katherine Kellard (Jo)

Jo seems to have changed a great deal since season one. What has she learnt about herself and her relationships?

In season 1 she wanted to break out of the old and into the new. She needed to find her purpose in life again. Season 2 was the ramifications of her choices that somewhat backfired. Season 3, she is now on her own and learning to become friends with herself, her independence. But one thing is clear, though all the pain she put Mac through, he is the most supportive and reliable man she knows.

Do you think Jo is villain within the context of the show? Is that her function in the story?

What Jos function is within the story of the show and how I see her are very different. She is the evil ex that everyone wants to blame, which also creates more sympathy for Mac. A number of men have relayed to me how much they can relate to Mac as they are or have been in a similar position. But Jo has her reasons for leaving the marriage - there are always two sides to the story. I see her as any other woman, trying to find stability, balance, love, purpose and happiness in the game of life. I have never played her as a villain. Seeing your ex with another is always challenging, having to face up to how and why the two of you failed. The love will always be there.

It seems like the producers and writers have upped the ante this season, how do you think this has manifested itself for your character?

They have made Jo more of a threat, because now the audience is going to get to see her other sides. She is vulnerable, loving, wise, silly and a good friend. It calls into question whether Catherine and Mac are truly made for each other.