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Shane and Katherine say Good Morning

Shane and Katherine on Good Morning

Shane Cortese and Katherine Kellard – who play Mac and his ex-wife Jo on the show – stopped by Good Morning on Wednesday 11 September to chat to Janette about the new season of Nothing Trivial and share an exclusive clip from the first episode.

At the end of season two, Mac and Catherine had finally got together, while Jo had just had a baby with her new partner, Adam.

From the clip of the first episode, though, it looks like things might not be going so well for Jo and Adam…

Mac and Jo

So what does this season hold for Mac and Jo?

“Jo’s obviously very much still involved in Mac’s life because they’ve got two children together,” explains Shane. “Jo and Mac have had 20 years of history so you don’t just throw that away.”

With Jo still a part of Mac’s life, what does that mean for him and Catherine?


Watch now!

To hear more from Shane and Katherine on Mac, Jo and the rest of the gang, check out the video below:


 Nothing Trivial starts on Wednesday 11 September at 8.30pm on TV ONE.