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What's next for maneater Michelle?

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Nicole Whippy gives a preview of what to expect for Michelle.

Where is Michelle at the beginning of the series?
She's on a high again! Throwing herself into quiz night, taking charge of team swot sessions, and taking the competitive part of pub quiz to a whole new level. She's not there to make friends!

We see a bit more of her family this series - what is Michelle's relationship with them like?
Pretty dismal. She fell out with her family at a young age and after being labelled 'Selfish Shellfish' she just never felt adequate in their eyes, especially compared to her annoying older sister who can do no wrong.

You have been able to work with some great guest cast this season, what was that like?
Always love Elizabeth Hawthorne and Ray Woolf. They are true masters on and off set and they always have the best stories!

What has been the best piece of trivia you've picked up?
The collective noun episode was fun. A Curse of Painters! Love it! I also enjoyed the Phobias Round. It was quite amusing to hear the name of a phobia then find out it means something quite unlike the name. 'Peniaphobia' had us thinking the worst!

What have you enjoyed most about series 2?
Being back with a stellar cast and crew who love what we are making.

How have you enjoyed coming back to Michelle a second time to further develop and explore her?
She really got under my skin this time. Exhausting work but I've never felt like I've earned that glass of vino at the end of the work day as much as I have this season!

How have you enjoyed working with various directors and crew this year?
They're all great. Each director brings their own unique touch. We all have our favourites, but we have been really blessed to have a consistently high standard of both directors and cast.