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Nothing Trivial


What's going on in Emma's life?


Specialist quiz topics: cooking and animals.


Trusting, kindly Emma has a history as a dating disaster area. But finally found unlikely true love with Brian. She also got pregnant at last.

She was a little upstaged by the arrival of Sonny Bill - Brian’s child from his one night stand with the blowsy Courtney. Emma tried not to be jealous of his feelings for Sonny Bill, and they’ll have their own baby soon.

Emma had her own family dramas when her mother died and then her father got together with Mrs Chin, his cleaner, after a scant few months. Emma is trying to be mature about this.

She got tough at work, and fought teacher nemesis Vicki for a promotion. She also had to fend off Brian’s old mate, Nige - a founder of their pub quiz team. But Nige took revenge on Brian by sending Emma a video of Brian with a woman while away on their ‘fishing trip’.

Emma ended last season by walking out of the pub, her trust shaken. Can she ever go back to Brian?