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Where's Brian at now?

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We catch up with Blair Strang, who plays Brian to see what lies ahead.

Brian has finally taken the plunge and is in a relationship with Emma. How will he cope with being in a relationship this series?
The key to Brian coping in the relationship is that he actually really loves Emma which makes this partnership the exception to the rule. Being in a relationship is still totally unchartered territory to him. Both Emma and Brian haven't had great success rates relationship wise, and both approach the relationship with trepidation. Everything is new for them but they certainly want to be there and are genuinely desperately in love with each other. This is 1000 per cent the first time Brian has ever felt in love with any woman before.

What obstacles will the couple face?
One of the funniest issues that come up is that Brian has never before had a woman sleep in his bed for the entirety of the night. This becomes a problem for him while he acclimatises to it, as he loses sleep and his work is affected. One of the more serious issues that Brian faces is meeting Emma's parents. It's another first for Brian and he just wants to run! He has already been slammed in the nuts by Michelle last series, so he knows the consequences of what can go wrong if he's not careful.

What else is Brian focussed on in series 2?
His relationship is now his priority. A close second is quiz night, which used to be the main priority. He is absolutely passionate about it. This also incorporates his 'mateship' with Mac. Thirdly, this season, his work and his ability to earn money becomes even more of a focus for Brian.

What have you most enjoyed about series two?
This season I have really enjoyed the relationship between Brian and Emma. As an actor, I haven't had a relationship scenario to play for some time, probably since the Shortland Street days!

What's the best piece of trivia you've picked up?
The first animals in space were fruit flies!

How have you enjoyed working with various directors and crew this year?
We know our characters pretty well now. The first season we were all learning but the good thing is the new directors that have come in have brought a new energy. We also had a couple of directors from last season who knew what the show was about. So it was a great balance.