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Nothing Trivial


What happened to Brian in season two?


Specialist quiz topics: sports, eighties music, geography


Straight-talking Brian is famous for his dedication to pub quiz, and his reputation as a ladies man who never got tied down.

Then Brian fell for teammate Emma, and declared his love.

They were living together when he found that Courtney, his one night stand from cheating team The Blondeshells, was pregnant. Brian has become a father to Sonny Bill - and surprisingly fell in love with the little fella.

Emma is also pregnant - and Brian is about to be a father for the second time. But Brians old mate Nige lured him off the straight and narrow and into hen night temptation.

Brian motor boated a chick, but Mac made sure his virtue was safe. Brian then ended up locked in a battle with Nige for ownership of the team and the pub. Brian triumphed, but this victory was undermined when Nige sent Emma video evidence of Brians indiscretion...

The big question now is: can Brian win back Emmas trust?