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Nothing Trivial


Debbie Newby-Ward plays Emma

Debbie Newby-Ward plays Emma on TV ONE drama, Nothing Trivial

Nothing Trivial - Who's EMMA?

Emma is a teacher and eternal optimist who does good sympathy.

Specialist topics: "I know a bit about cooking and animals."

Emma is a primary school teacher, who loves animals and children - even some of her worst year 4 customers (eight-year-old boys can be hard.)

Emma is very kind, loyal and pretty. 

But Emma is also a dating disaster area, a magnet for losers and users.  Her problem is that she always believes what people tell her.  Yes, you could also call this gullible. 

As a result, Emma has wasted a number of years on men who treated her badly and somehow, whoever she meets seems to have a Fatal Flaw, like gambling, anger management issues or model trains, but Emma has such faith in people that it always takes her a while to work out that they aren't what they seem. 

Emma is aware she's too trusting, but how can she change herself?  And the fact is, Emma's biological clock isn't just ticking, it's in overdrive.

The big question is: can she find a good man, before it's too late?

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DEBBIE NEWBY-WARD: Nothing Trivial marks Debbie Newby-Ward's first major screen role.

Since graduating from UNITEC with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Acting major) in 2002, Debbie has appeared in guest roles on a variety of New Zealand television series including Legend of the Seeker, Outrageous Fortune, Mercy Peak, Serial Killers, Street Legal and Shortland Street .

Earlier in her career, Debbie performed in a number of amateur theatre productions, many of these through her UNITEC course.

She's thrilled to work with some famous faces, but admits she does have a competitive streak. Find out more in our Q&A with Debbie Newby-Ward here.