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Wildcard: Arihia and Tahu

Arihia and Tahu

Arihia Te Kuatau and Tahu Potiki Uenuku Renata Henare

Solo musicians (17)

South Auckland

Arihia and Tahu are cousins that have been singing together for fun since they were little, but started taking it seriously a year and half ago when they attended a secondary schools songwriting workshop.

Having written five original songs already, and hoping to write many more to share with New Zealand and the rest of the world... there is no shortage of ambition with these two!

These teenagers have been floating on Cloud 9 since being selected as the winners of the Head & Shoulders Above the Rest wildcard competition, particularly Arihia, who is very shy and would not have entered if it wasn't for mum's persistence!

Arihia and Tahu both attend a Maori immersion school and are the best of friends.

Arihia is a self proclaimed Beyoncé freak, and is also inspired by other singers such as Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, Doris Day and Maisey Rika.

Tahu's biggest inspiration is his nanny, Pat Henare, and also Pavarotti, Michael Jackson and Usher.

Check out Arihia and Tahu's audition below:






Check out Arihia and Tahu's semi-final performance below: