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Jack Fraser

Jack Fraser

Singer, 20


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Jack has been singing for around seven years. He studied music at his old school, James Hargest College, starred in most of the annual productions and is now active in the Invercargill Musical Theatre Company.

A born and bred Southlander, Jack currently works as a real estate agent, but dreams of becoming a professional singer and performing to sell-out crowds in Londons West End with his name in lights!

His favourite genre is jazz. His favourite artist; Italian Canadian crooner Michael Buble.

"I entered NZGT because I want to share my talent with New Zealand and eventually the rest of the world," he says.

"All my life Ive loved performing and entertaining others. I just get a huge kick out of sharing my gift." 

Jack regularly sings at events in and around Southland and Otago. His performance highlight prior to appearing on NZGT was being selected to sing to a massive crowd at The Big Night In Christmas concert in Dunedin last year. 

Check out Jack's audition below: