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Andre Vegas and Company

Andre (aka Andrew Guthrie), 48; Joanna Burbery, 30; Shaun Lines, 47; Kristal Day, 29

Variety act

Ngaruawahia, Nelson and Gisborne

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Andre grew up on a sheep farm in tiny Tuturau, near Gore in the South Island, falling in love with magic tricks at the age of 12, performing his first show at age 14 and consequently persuading his quietly amused farmer of a father to ferry him to performances (underage!) at various pubs and clubs.

"Dad is also an engineer, which came in handy because he could help build all the props for my illusions!" Andre says.

Fittingly born on Halloween, Andre was a huge variety show fan as a kid. He taught himself the art of illusion solely from reading books and now works fulltime performing his magic.

"It's not easy to make a living," he says. "But it's my passion."

Andre Vegas and Company specialise in original and classic large scale illusions with a twist.

"We entered NZGT because we want to showcase our mix of horror, comedy and magic to the nation. New Zealand, I promise, will be astounded!"

The father of two's other overriding interest in life is racing stock cars and competing in demolition derbies. He has an impressive 22 titles to his name.

Check out Andre Vegas and Company's audition below: