Tip Top Backstage Blog: The Decider


Prior to the filming of this week's Decider we headed into the judge's dressing rooms to find out what they've loved about this year and of course, the all important flavour question

Cris Judd

Have you done much dancing since youve been over here?

No I havent done much dancing at all so this is probably the first time I have done a solo. But it will be fun.

You have no idea who the Top 3 are?

I have none! Im ready to be surprised. I cant wait to see who comes through the doors.

What has been the most memorable performance so far in the series for you?

Wow, in the whole series? I would have to say Renees Grand Final performance. Watching her blossom into an artist and a performer and see her personality come out on stage has been really refreshing . Ive been really surprised by Silhouette as well. I thought that was going o be a one trick thing but they have actually got better as the show progressed and he is really holding his own. Theya re like the Cinderella story for me. Brian and Sarah have just been really consistent but its going to be a toss-up! I cant even pick a top 3.

Luckily New Zealand did it for you!

Hopefully! Yeah I think they will pick the right people.

Whats been your favourite part about relocating temporarily to New Zealand?

Relocating temporarily to New Zealand (laughs) To actually spend substantial amounts of time here and having my family come out with me. We have been having a ball. Coming in as the new guy on this number one show and its still number one, I love that!

And little Viv is an honourary Kiwi kid!

Yeah, shes spent more time here than she has in LA. Thats what I loved about this schedule is that I get to spend some much time with her. Its not often that you get to see every progression of your childs development. Its been a blessing.

If you could describe your fellow judges as a type of ice cream what would it be?

Oh gosh, Jason would be Rocky Road and Rach would be like raspberry white chocolate I think. A fruity flavour for sure.

Whats your favourite flavour?

I had this amazing Lemon Curd ice cream and then when we were in Matakana I had a Raspberry and White Chocolate. I love chocolate but I love the fruity stuff as well. If its hot out, I have to have a fruity one, it just taste like summer.

Jason Kerrison

Youre performing with Eddie Raynor and NZSO what was that like?

It was a dream come true! It actually was a bucket list tick. Seriously, I was talking with Eddie after and I was like Mate could we consider that an audition for some shows next year?

Everyone is loving the bromance with you and Cris, whats it been like to hang out with him?

As soon as we met it was easy as, there was no pretense. Hes become a really good mate. Im ecstatic that hes become a dad recently. In the period of six months his life has changed so much and thats been awesome to see. But were a bit competitive for sure. When we had that press up comp in the auditions, I had actually done a major work out that morning.. (laughs) The day after I actually had to head to the chiropractor. Good times with Cris!

If you could describe your fellow judges as a type of ice cream what would it be?

Cris would be a single scoop coffee flavoured, no chocolate on the top though cos he doesnt have any hair. And for Rachel youve got to say Trumpet dont you?

Whats your own fave flavour?

I love ice cream! I prefer gelato, the consistency is just insane. I would have to go a vanilla gelato.

Whats been your favourite moment so far?

I think it would be Ethans performance and I see a little bit of movement out of the corner of my eye and Cris is there doing the moves to himself. I dont think he even realised he was doing it, he was just in the zone. That was awesome.

Rachel Hunter

Who have been your most memorable performances?

I think a lot of the auditions. People from all walks of life came along just to entertain us and I love that.

The variety this year has been great as well.

For me I have missed the kapa haka and the unicyclign and the skateboarding. Yeah we hadvariety in dancing and singing but I think they have been two great years.

Whats the hardest part about being a judge ?

When it comes down to the finalists and you have to choose. Especially because its often a singer and a dancer. As much as you want variety, you have to see who has that extra something.

If Cris and Jason were a type of ice cream what would they be?

JELLY TIP! They have the sweet side and they are such a great ice cream! Love it.


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