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Honey: Film Festival


Bal, Turkey/Germany 2010, 103m
Director: Semih Kaplanoglu
Festivals: Berlin 2010
Golden Bear (Best Film), Berlinale 2010

"A quietly hypnotic tale of a six-year-old boy's response to a momentous event involving his beekeeping father. By 'beekeeping', don't think of earthbound hives; this man risks his life by climbing tall trees to scoop out the golden succulence& Director Semih Kaplanoglu gives us an enchanted maze, a many-coloured honeycomb, of the boy's sentient life, from his slowly waking emotions (even to tragedy) to the intelligence articulations taking shape in school. Nature's presence is everywhere, lyrically photographed. The central performance is touching, truthful and overpoweringly charming, one of those classic screen turns by a child, up there with The Kid and The Red Balloon." - Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

"Kaplanoglu and co-screenwriter Orcun Koksal contrive small and delicate scenes to evoke the strong emotional bond between father and son. They whisper to each other and the boy learns about time and place, the nature of birds, and the names, smells and taste of flowers.. The boy's struggle to read and please his teacher in class contrasts with his assurance in the woods and, while the fate of his father remains unknown, the film conveys powerfully that the boy will continue to know his way& Slow-paced and without music other than the calls and cries of the forest creatures, Honey suggests that while nature is not full of human kindness, humans may find salvation there." - Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter

In Turkish with English subtitles