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Candyman: Film Festival


New Zealand/USA 2010, 75m
Director: Costa Botes
Festivals: Slamdance 2010

Wellington filmmaker Costa Botes, co-director of Forgotten Silver, turns his attention to a real-life unsung pioneer in this portrait of the LA man who, in 1976, invented a Reagan-era sensation: the smaller, tastier jelly bean. Showing time-honoured Kiwi disdain for pushiness, Botes heaps kudos on this sweet American dreamer for missing the bus from small business to big. - BG. "David Klein still believes you only need to be a genius for 15 seconds in order to be successful. This eccentric candy inventor's once-in-a-lifetime epiphany came in 1976..

The gourmet candy with realistic flavours revolutionized the industry and became a pop culture phenomenon. Jelly Belly has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise, but David's unusual business decisions and shocking displays of altruism have left him deliberately erased from the company's history with just a fraction of his potential earnings. Sweet and surprising, Candyman is a cautionary tale about a man who had to choose between a big idea and a bigger heart." - Sarafina DiFelice, Hot Docs