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Between Two Worlds: Film Festival

Between Two Worlds

Sri Lanka/France 2009, 86m
Director: Vikmukthi Jayasundara
Festivals: Venice, Toronto 2009

"Part vision quest, part historical allegory, Vimukthi Jayasundara's lush and beguiling head-scratcher unfolds like the mutable folktale told between two fishermen in one of the film's asides. A synopsis would go something like this: an unnamed South Asian man falls from the sky into an unspecified South Asian country (although the Sinhala the actors speak places us in Sri Lanka) under siege by revolutionaries intent on destroying all means of communication and killing any remaining young men. Fleeing a riot-ravaged city he winds up in the countryside where he reconnects with his sister-in-law, and undergoes several mysterious and mystical experiences at a nearby lake. "It's possible that one can see today what has happened in the past," cautions an old man to our protagonist, and Jayasundara - with an eye for arresting mise-en-scene, gorgeously photographed by Channa Deshapriya - attempts to offer a way to re-see the traumas of the civil war that ravaged Sri Lanka for over three decades. Like a freshly remembered dream, Between Two Worlds is as stubbornly oblique as it is hard to shake." - Matt Sussman, San Francisco Bay Guardian

In Sinhalese and English, with English subtitles