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Attacking hoist not fazing Silver Ferns

Published: 6:24PM Thursday September 13, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

  • Anna Harrison gets a boost to block a shot (Source: Getty Images)
    Anna Harrison gets a boost to block a shot - Source: Getty Images

The Silver Ferns are unfazed at the possibility of facing a shooting cheer-lift when they come up against Australia in the first Test of the Constellation Cup in Melbourne on Sunday.

Australian coach Lisa Alexander suggested her side may employ the tactic, made famous by Anna Harrison and the Mystics at the defensive end this year, at the opposite end of the court in the three Test series.

She reasons that scoring has becoming tougher and turnovers more frequent as netball becomes an increasingly physical game.

''People are really playing defence and playing it well, so now we've got to have a bit of a breakthrough with our attacking play,'' Alexander told The Age.

''So we've got a few plans in place for that, for the 'Aussie style', I guess, that we're looking at, and we're really looking at defining ourselves quite differently to New Zealand.

''There could be some surprises out there, you never know. There could be a lift in the attack end.''

Silver Ferns captain Casey Williams admitted she was surprised to hear of the attacking development.

"That would be interesting. I would like to see it. We would probably be a bit shocked if it did happen but I'm sure since Harrison did it that every team is trying it. Good on them for having a go," Williams told ONE News.

But the mastermind of the whole craze has a warning for both teams at both ends of the court.

"As long as they remember shooters can't touch the net or the rim either it will be very interesting to see how they get their timing," Harrison said.

As for seeing the defensive hoist this Sunday, Harrison remains coy.

"I can never guarantee it. It was the same with the Mystics. The only time you knew it was going to have a surprise effect was the first time we did it," she said.

And if that is the case, this hoisting business may be over before you know it.