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Ramsay Street Returnees

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in style, Neighbours is bringing back a heap of familiar faces to mark the special occasion...



The birthday episode itself is due to air next Wednesday 25 March on TV2, but get ready for an action-packed month of unmissable storylines.  Heres a guide to some of Erinsborough's returnees so you can keep track of wholl be back on the street.  

Caution: spoilers ahead!


Harold and Madge Bishop

(Ian Smith and Anne Charleston)

Last seen: 2011/2001

Surprise! Madge Bishop is back from the dead. She may only be a figment of Harolds imagination, but shes no less delightful, showing up to help him through a troubled time.

Its sure to be a pleasure; the reunion of soul mates, and a chance to revisit one of the best partnerships ever seen on Neighbours.


Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante

(Scott Major and Alin Sumarwata)

Last seen: 2013

Lucas and Vanessa may have had their ups and downs, but when they departed they were on the road to happily ever after.

Its clear theyve managed to stay in love and on the right track! Their return gives them a chance to introduce their daughter Sebastiana, and announce that theyre expecting baby number three!


Nina Tucker

(Delta Goodrem)

Last seen: 2005

After splitting from her long-time partner Jack Scully, Nina returns to Erinborough with a heavy heart.

Her sorrow affects her personal life and her career, but her return gives Nina a chance to reconnect with her roots. Inspiration finds her again, and she unveils her new song Only Human.


Janelle Timmins

(Nell Feeney)

Last seen: 2007

A little brash at times, Janelle was remembered for her kind heart, and shes welcomed back warmly by the locals.

The competition will heat up when she enters as a surprise entrant in the Erinsborough Festival bake-off! 


Des Clarke

(Paul Keane)

Last seen: 1990

Its been over a decade since Des appeared on Ramsey Street, but an invite from old mate Paul Robinson sees him making a trip back.

Des gets caught up in Paul's ulterior motives, unknowingly sabotaging Daniels feelings for Amber with a story of his past failed marriage.


Tom Ramsay

(Gary Files)

Last seen: 1991

Although Daniel and Ambers wedding has some notable relatives missing, Tom Ramsay is back for the big day!

Tom sheds some light on the Robinson family mystery, but unfortunately his advice leads to a lost groom and an oblivious Amber at the altar. 


Sky Mangel

(Stephanie McIntosh)

Last seen: 2007

Although Sky doesnt actually return in the flesh, we get to see her again via Skype when she shares a chat with her grandfather, Harold.

They catch up, and we learn that she needs his help, which hopefully will bring him back into the present after his trip down memory lane!


Don't miss the 30th Anniversay special, featuring celebrations, recaps and returning characters!

Saturday 21 March, 6.30pm on TV2.