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Most Memorable Moments

After 30 years on screen, Neighbours has produced so many memorable moments. 

There's too many to share them all, but we've compiled a list of some of the best, with videos courtesy of YouTube.


10. Susan Slaps Karl (1998)

It was the ultimate betrayal, a devastated and humiliated wife making for a sympathetic audience. 

So when the unfaithful Karl slithered home to be confronted by Susan, the resulting slap was perfectly satisfying. 



9. Tornado on Ramsay Street (2014)

When Ramsay street was struck by its first natural disaster, the show suddenly resembled a Hollywood blockbuster! 

It was exciting to watch, but we feared for our endangered favourites as they huddled under makeshift shelters. 



8. Plane Crash (2005)

In perhaps the most dramatic episode ever, a planeload of characters descended into the watery darkness of the Bass Strait.

The event altered countless relationships and left three people dead in its wake. 



7. Harold returns from the dead (1996)

It was a terrible day in 1991 when Harold disappeared into the ocean, never to return... so we thought. 

But when wandered back onto Ramsay Street, confused but still undoubtedly Harold, Madge's heart healed so ours did too. 



6. Jane's Makeover (1986)

Us viewers may have known that "Plain Jane Superbrain" would be a beauty beneath those specs.

But when she emerged looking like a princess, the lovestruck Mike wasn't the only one impressed! 



5. Toadie and Dee's Car Crash (2003)

In the split second it took for Toadie to kiss his new wife, a happy event turned to tragedy. 

The car hurtled off the cliff and the last we saw of Dee was a streak of blonde hair flying out the window. 



4. Lassiter's Explosion (2004) 

The locals and the viewers alike looked on in horror, as the Lassiter's complex erupted in flame and crumbled before our eyes.

The explosion coincided with the return of shady Paul Robinson, a suspicious coincidence... 



3. Madge's Death (2001)

When actress Anne Charleston announced she was leaving the show, it was inevitable that Madge would have to die, because leaving Harold was never an option.

This didn't make her on-screen passing any less heartbreaking, as she slowly slipped away, dreaming of happier times with her love by her side.



2. Bouncer's Dream (1990)

Including a dream sequence is always a gamble on television, but this one was so unique and surprisingly adorable that it didn't matter! 

Bouncer, the resident furry friend, and his sweetheart Rosie were united in one of the most uniquely satisfying and unforgettable Neighbours scenes. 



1. Scott and Charlene's Wedding (1987)

When Ramsay Street's golden couple finally walked down the aisle in typical 80s tradition, the dresses were big, and the hairdos almost as much so. 

However it was, and still remains, one of the most poignant and iconic moments in soap opera history.