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Season 3 Episode 19 - Waterview


This week, Wallace Chapman, son of a Fijian minister and a pakeha mother, shows us around the place he calls home – the Auckland suburb of Waterview. 

We meet a young woman who holds the works of her favourite Russian poet close to her heart and a priest born in Transylvania who uses the airways to provide a voice for his community. A Samoan composer shares his inspiration with the next generation and a woman from Ethiopia prepares the traditional curry paste to an age-old recipe.


Curator Bio:

Wallace is a broadcaster on both TV and Radio.

From the crazy days of breakfast host on 95bFM, to host of NZ's only pub politics TV show, Back Benches, and now Sunday Morning on Radio New Zealand, Chapman has run the gamut of politics, issues and current affairs from all angles and all points of view.

The Listener recently described his broadcasting style as "Fearless, but never mean".

Wallace takes a broad view of what defines ‘culture’. “For me, culture traverses everything from those big national questions of identity, nationhood, and constitution, to those small things like sharing a Barbie and a beer with friends. Famous kiwi cook, Alison Holst once told me that the act of sharing scones with your neighbor was a very NZ thing. I reckon that counts as culture.”


Waterview dish recipe:


Abezash & Semahar who moved to Waterview from Ethiopia found one of the ways of helping settle into a new country is through sourcing familiar ingredients & cooking the food they love from home. Injera is a delicious flatbread that is a staple for most Ethiopian meals. 



  • 4 kg of rice flour
  • 500 gm wheat flour        
  • 500 gm taff flour



  1. Mix all three flour with cold water till thick like dough. 
  2. Leave covered for 4 days.
  3. On the 4th day add hot boiled water and mix the mixture till thin and runny.
  4. Leave over night and on the 5th day it's ready to make using a non-stick crepe maker.