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Season 2 Episode 10 - Tauranga

This week on Neighbourhood, actor Teuila Blakely, shows us around her hometown Tauranga.

Well taste the delights of Moroccan cuisine, join a group that connects women from a multitude of cultures, explore the landscapes of the Bay through the eye of a Finnish artist and discover the story behind a gift from the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Curator bio

A founding host for both Channel 4, and hiphop station Flava FM, Samoan-born Teuila Blakely spent three years presenting C4's live show Freestyle. Since writing and starring in 2003 play Island Girls, she has also been acting. Blakelys comic skills were showcased in broTown and a straight-talking role in Siones Wedding; her drama CV includes Shortland Street (as solo mother Vasa Levi) and thriller This is Not My Life.


This week on Neighbourhood, Mexican chef Jorge cooks up some real Mexican food for a barbeque with friends and family.

The specialist Mexican ingredients can be sourced online from websites such as: or

Fish Tacos

Makes 12 small tacos (enough for 3 people)

300g Fish

50g Achiote paste

2 pcs Guajillo dried chilli  

2 cloves of fresh garlic  

100ml Orange juice    

50ml White vinegar

1 Pineapple

1 Onion  

A handful of fresh coriander 

1 Fresh green chilli

2 Limes

Salt and pepper 

1.  Pan fry the achiote paste with the garlic and diced guajillo chillis.

2.  Put the fried garlic, anchiote and guajillo chilli in the blender and add the orange juice and white vinegar.  Once blended, pour the sauce over the fish and leave to marinate for about 1 hour.

3.  While the fish is marinating, prepare the garnish.  Dice the onion and green chilli, and combine with the roughly chopped coriander and the juice of 1 lime.  Add some salt and pepper.

4.  Prepare the pineapple for cooking:  Cut it into long strips and pan fry for a few minutes.

5.  Pan fry the fish and serve on top of a corn tortilla.  Put the pineapple on top of the fish and then the onion garnish, a squeeze of lime and your tacos are ready to eat!