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US files Kim Dotcom extradition papers

Published: 3:24PM Monday March 05, 2012 Source: ONE News

The United States Government has filed papers to have Kim Dotcom extradited.

It had 45 days to file the papers from when the Megaupload founder was arrested on January 20.

Crown Law, which is handling the case on behalf of the US Government, said the papers were filed in the North Shore District Court on Friday.

The multi-millionaire is accused of online piracy and racketeering, and US authorities are seeking to put him and this three co-accused on trial in the US.

The 38-year-old was granted bail just under two weeks ago after it was previously denied because he was regarded as a flight risk.

Dotcom said he was preparing to fight the charges against him before his extradition hearing in August.

Last week, the German national was seeking to have $220,000 a month of his money unfrozen for living costs that include security guards, nannies and a butler.

The court gave an interim order which allows his pregnant wife Mona, who is due to give birth to his son, just over $30,000 to cover expenses for the next three weeks.

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