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Two Auckland state houses sell for $1.9 million

Published: 11:14AM Thursday February 28, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • A contractor at a housing construction site.  (Source: Breakfast)
    A contractor at a housing construction site. - Source: Breakfast

The sale of two state houses in Sandringham has boosted Housing New Zealand's coffers to the tune of $1.9 million.

The two bungalow style state houses sold at auction for $1.05 million and $860,000 which HNZ says exceeded expectations.

Spokesman Sean Bignell said the exceptional price means money can be spent building and improving other state homes for families in need.

"Homes that are warm, dry and modern," said Bignell.

"The value of those properties was in the land, as the houses were older style state houses with original features. Both had large sections perfect for subdivision."

The two houses are in a row on Haverstock Road and Bignell said the remaining 17 properties, on seven separate titles, are being removed  and sold through a tender process.

"As a public sector organisation, we made the decision to sell the land to a private purchaser as it is too costly for us redevelop within this Auckland residential area," said Bignell.

The tenants of the 19 properties are all in other state houses with HNZ covering relocation and reconnection costs.

Steady growth in building consents

Meanwhile, the number of new houses to be given consents has increased by 50% since March 2011, new data reveals.

According to Statistics New Zealand, there has been "continuous, steady growth" in the trend for building new houses in the last 22 months.

Industry and labour statistics manager Blair Cardno said that last month, seasonally adjusted housing consents increased by 9.6%.

"All of the growth in January 2013, compared with 12 months ago, was from the North Island, with increases in Auckland, Wellington, and Bay of Plenty regions," he said.

Auckland and Canterbury regions continue to contribute over half of all new housing consents, as they have done almost every month since January 2012, statistics show.

Last month, 372 new house consents were granted in Auckland, up from 140 in January 2012.

While in Canterbury, 378 new houses given consent, down slightly from 379 last year.

Earthquake-related consents in Canterbury totalled $60 million in January 2013, boosted by $18 million for the construction of the Ferrymead Bridge.

Nationwide, 1312 new houses, including apartments, were granted consent.

Of those only 58 new apartments were granted consent, down from the 198 consented for in January 2012.