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Teachers hopeful Joyce answer to Novopay debacle

Published: 5:45AM Wednesday January 23, 2013 Source: ONE News

School staff around the country are hopeful Steven Joyce is the solution to the disastrous Novopay problem as they anxiously check their payslips this morning.

The payment system has been riddled with problems since it was launched leaving some schools having to pay teachers out of their own budgets.

Tia Greenstreet, an Epsom Girls' teacher told TV ONE's Breakfast, that Joyce has got a grasp of the secondary system and the tertiary system.

"I think if anyone's going to do something about it, I'm hoping it'll be him."

During yesterday's Cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister John Key announced the experienced Steven Joyce would be brought in to sort out the problem, taking over from Craig Foss.

Key said "the saga's dragged on long enough."

Minister Steven Joyce admitted the new pay roll out has been a mess.

"In reality, nobody's happy."

"They(Talent 2) have got themselves into a situation they need to work through and get out of. That's why the Prime Minister said we need a fresh pair of eyes."

He said the focus right now is on stabilising the system and making sure it's doing its job as soon as possible.

"I'm sure there will be more issues in the pay round last night. I've just had a look in the last hour or so at the issues to date, I don't yet see an opportunity where it's just going to settle down and become straight forward."

Joyce said whether this was a breach of statutory duty is a question that will be answer in the coming months.

"We are working our way through all of those issues. There's been talk of an inquiry, there will be an inquiry into a range of matters."

National MP Jami-Lee Ross said "Craig Foss did a lot of work but Steven Joyce is someone who gets things done. He's very thorough, meticulous, and that's the level this has been elevated to. We take this issues very seriously."