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Special needs children missing out - NZEI

Published: 8:23PM Thursday May 02, 2013 Source: ONE News

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School principals say hundreds of children needing specialised learning support are missing out because of changes to the way special needs funding is being delivered.

NZEI Te Riu Roa principals' council chairman Charles Oliver said this has become a major issue that teachers all over the country are grappling with.

Oliver said funding has become a lot harder to access and many children are simply not getting the timely learning support they deserve.

"The Government talks about wanting all students to achieve, but at the same time has overseen a restructuring that has made it more difficult for schools to access support for many struggling students," he said.

Oliver says many students with very high needs are missing out on adequate support while access to support for students categorised with moderate needs has become slow and difficult.

The restructuring has resulted in a massive bureaucracy, Oliver said.

"The end result, sadly, is that many children are missing out."